Pop-Marketing™ Featured On PR Daily 2019 Trends


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Joe talks with PR Daily about 2019 trends and how brand experiential will evolve in 2019.

Marketing consultant Joe Cox agrees that content and other marketing efforts should be aimed at the customer’s interaction with the organization. He says that 2018 was “the year of the branded experience” and points to successful entertainment campaigns such as Marvel Entertainment’s “Deadpool” and HBO’s “Westworld.”

The trend will continue to grow in 2019, with organizations such as Disney Parks launching experiences that include the “Star Wars”-themed addition, Galaxy’s Edge.

By focusing on these experiences, marketers can make more powerful connections with consumers and bolster their brand—another crucial marketing element many seek to strengthen.

“For years, digital marketing has gotten most of the love (and budget) as organizations shifted emphasis away from the nebulous and hard-to-measure world of branding,” Brad Plothow, vice president of brand and communications for Womply, says.

Plowthow points to several reasons online marketing’s popularity: Campaigns are easier to measure, efforts often have a direct effect on an organization’s bottom line and executives can easily understand digital marketing successes—placing bigger emphasis (and budgets) on creating more.

However, the growing mountain of digital marketing content makes grabbing attention harder than ever.

“We’re reaching a saturation point where a highly efficient digital marketing program has become table stakes instead of a differentiator,” Plothow says. “As a result, the pendulum will shift toward building a great brand as the best way to stand out.”

Branded experiences can be an excellent way to grab attention. With the growing rise of using virtual and augmented reality tools to enhance marketing messages and put consumers in the driver’s seat, marketers from several industries will look at integrating experiences into their campaigns.

“We’ll see larger and more integrated approaches from brands outside of the entertainment world,” Cox says.

Joe Cox