The Explicit Content Podcast Episode 1!!!

It's happening! 

Excited to share the first episode of the Explicit Content Podcast. 

It's an innovative multi-host show concept with each host focused on one aspect of content. The tone will be direct. No topic is off limits.  • Jeff Julian  • Pamela MuldoonDemian Ross  • Lindsay McKinney  • Katie MartellMelanie Deziel and yours truly :) 

You'll also be hearing from Megan J. Zander throughout the shows helping us tie everything together.  Here's the first episode. 

My partner in crime is Mr. Demian Ross, who you may have seen on my first episode of Hundred Days of Pop. We'll be talking about everything on social media, but just like the subject, we quickly get to talking about what it's all about and that's connecting with humans, not algorithms. 

Joe Cox