In 2019, 10% and 10x Marketers Unite

I was lucky enough to join 3 great marketer’s for an episode of Marketer to Marketer at this year’s Content Marketing World. A shout out to my brilliant Password partner Heidi Cohen and the dynamic duo of Andy Crestodina and Doug Kessler.

What is the next big thing in the boundless world of content marketing? Where do we go from here?

Marketing is moving towards interactive vs. interruptive content. Intelligence over aggression is becoming the standard for our ever more discerning customers. It can be easy to get lost in creating vanity content, but sometimes a back to the basics approach, adapted to new media, leads to increased ROI. Going beyond text in your content marketing does not mean you can lose sight of your mission: to provide the consumer with brand building material. We must adapt to the ever-evolving climate while sticking to what works.

There seem to be two camps formed in content marketing: "home run hitters", and "10% optimizers". While both will flow money to the bottom line: not all marketers are multi-faceted. The splintering of techniques will give you a myriad of content to present to your clients. While your corporate identity and compass should be cohesive, fluidity within that structure is paramount.

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Joe Cox